Town of Pacific

In 2019, I completed a student internship with Sunwood Entertainment. “Town of Pacific” was a partially developed concept for an animated series that examined sociological and environmental issues featuring a cast of memorable characters. We began reviving the project after more than 15 years in storage, modernizing its narratives and visuals alike. Assigned a dual position of Art director and Lead Animator, my job was to give a fresh, 3D aesthetic to 2D illustrations by creating fully-rigged character models and animated test sequences.

“Alicia,” as originally illustrated (left) and my redesign of the character (right)
“9NICS the Robot” – character sketches
“9NICS” introduces Cabrillo College’s Makerspace facility
“The Professor” character illustration
“Peter” character illustration
Fully rendered 3D character
“Alicia” – rigged and ready for animation
“9NICS and the Professor”

For inquiries about animation, character design and art direction, please contact me.

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