Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jason, and above all things I’m a character artist. My academic background is in Studio Art, and I work with a wide variety of materials and formats, both digital and traditional. I am primarily self-taught in the fields of animation and caricature, with an extensive illustration background. I am currently based in the humble beach town of Aptos, California, where I teach children a variety of art subjects and techniques.

I believe that art is a fundamental part of humankind. It is simultaneously an honest reflection of human nature and a boundless re-imagining of our surroundings. Art is informed by every aspect of life; it enriches culture, ignites wonder and harmonizes humanity. With this perspective, I draw inspiration from every subtle occurrence around me. The sky is the limit!

“Time Flies”
“Drawing a selfie” – December 2019


Associate of Art Degree – Studio Art | Cabrillo College, CA

Associate of Art Degree – Liberal Arts and Sciences – Interdisciplinary Studies | Cabrillo College, CA

Skill Certificate – Computer Animation | Cabrillo College, CA

Skill Certificate – Computer Aided Design | Cabrillo College, CA

Skill Certificate – Architectural Drafting and Design | Cabrillo College, CA

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